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Five Months Ago:-

Blip……..blip……..blip, slowly, steady,

Beep Beep,

Blip……..blip……..blip, slowly, steady,

Beep Beep,


She shook suddenly and half jumped from her chair.

“Are you ok?” asked Kate.

“I heard the horn again, just before it happened, he hit it hard, twice!” she kept shaking.

“I know” said Kate as she gently rubbed her shoulder.

Blip……..blip……..blip, the sound kept going, steady, slowly, that was good, mostly.

Jess looked towards the bed.

Tim’s face looked normal now, the bruising had passed, apart from one small bandage his head was clear, he just looked like he was sleeping. Sometimes she felt angry as she just wanted him to wake up. But it had been four weeks, and while he was looking well and seemed clear of danger, they were telling her not to expect too much.

She didn’t, well , yes, she did. Because with Tim, it had always been unexpected. The way they met, how their lives changed, the good fortune that came their way, there was no explaining, but it was wonderful and she held on to that as she watched him sleep.

Ten Months Ago:-

“My name is Tim, and I’m an idiot! Yeah!”



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Link to Part 3

Jill looked at Karl, “It’s in the house now?  What’s it?”

Karl looked at Cathy, “What Cathy saw.”

Jill gripped Cathy and Robbie tighter.

“Listen to me, I’ll handle this, don’t worry,” said Karl as he placed his hand on Robbie’s shoulder.

“I don’t know any of you, I don’t understand why we are here, I just want to go home,” pleaded Jill.

“You will, please, trust me. Stay here.”

Karl left the kitchen and slowly approached the stairway. He could hear movement upstairs but no talking. He lowered the shotgun so it was by his side and under his right shoulder, and slowly started to walk up the stairs. When he reached the second return, he could feel the cold air blowing through the broken window and saw the glass scattered across the floor. He hesitated, looked back downstairs at the front door, and then turned back to the door he knew Mark was behind.

Once he reached the landing he stopped and waited, listening, but there was no sound. He moved to the door and reached forward gripping the small brass handle. He pushed the door open. He could only make out the shape of the bed and slowly stepped in. As he moved further into the room he noticed the outline of someone sitting in the corner and could see puffs of breath in the icy air.

“Marcie? Philip? is that you.” (more…)

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Link to Part 2

Jill was holding Cathy in her arms when suddenly the door opened. Marcie looked around frantically.

“What’s wrong now?”

Karl looked at her, “Cathy saw someone at the window.”

“He only had eyes, no mouth and no nose,” she whimpered.

“Nonsense. Keep quiet, my brother’s not well.”

“Hey, wait a second, that’s my daughter you’re talking to and you’re frightening her,” snapped Jill.

“Marcie, I wanna talk to you outside,” said Karl.

They stepped into the hall and Marcie closed the door.

“Open it slightly, they’re frightened,” said Karl pointing.

Marcie opened it and Karl could see the three of them in the corner. He nodded sympathetically.

“I want to know what’s going on here. What’s wrong with Mark, and what’s wrong with you? “

“Nothing, he’s just being difficult, he’ll be better soon.”

Karl felt someone watching him and he looked up. Philip was standing on the landing, motionless, watching. There was another groan from the bed room and then a load animal screech and roar. Karl heard the children crying.

“What is that noise? Is there some sort of wild animal outside? And who are those people I saw?” Karl asked.

“I don’t know,” replied Marcie looking at the ground.

“I’m getting a drink for those kids and then we’ve got to make a decision what we are going to do.”

Karl went back into the room.  He walked over to Jill. She was sitting on the floor with her arms around both Cathy and Robbie. Karl went down on his knees. (more…)

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Link to Part 1

Karl was trembling as he pushed Marcie further in the hall and eventually arriving at the old back kitchen.

“What’s wrong Karl? What’s going on?”

He looked back towards the door. Philip was standing near the range, head stooped slightly, trying not to be noticed.

“I saw someone out there, more than one,” responded Karl.

Marcie put her arm around Karl, “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? It’s snowing, you did see that, it’s snowing and it’s June, what do you mean what’s wrong?”

Philip started to laugh.

“Shut-up you moron!” snapped Marcie.

Karl recoiled at the sharp retort.

“Sorry, it’s just everything seems a bit strained, yes?”

“I saw four people at he end of the driveway, there’s something really strange going on here,” Karl murmured.

“Go see to your brother,” Marcie gestured to Philip.

As Philip left the kitchen, Karl slowly followed. He walked down the hallway and placed his hands on the front door. There wasn’t a sound, nothing. As he moved the narrow net curtain from the side of the door he could see the snow still falling, even heavier. He strained to see if there was any movement, but slowly let the curtain fall back.

“What are you looking for?” Marcie asked.

“I’m telling you, there were four people at the end of the driveway as we came in, something really strange going on, I don’t understand it. What’s with your brothers? I think we need to get out of here.”


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Karl stood just inside the upstairs bedroom watching Philip sitting on the stool staring out the window. Even in the darkness that was the room, he could see the red streaks across the white of his eyes as he continued to strain and fight the blinking need that was torturing him. Marcie had begged him to go over, she was so distressed on the phone he felt he had no choice. But he hated coming to this house. It was always cold, her two brothers had lived alone now for twenty years or so, since the parents died.

Suddenly there was another cry out from the other room. The brother Mark was confined to bed now. The cuts on his hands, resembling paper cuts, seemed to be spreading. Each one like a knife across his skin.

“Shut up, shut up,” whispered Philip, his eyes never moving from the window. “There’ll be one soon, I know I can feel it, there’s one coming.”

Karl wasn’t sure what to do. He didn’t know whether he was to talk to Philip or just stand there. Philip seemed to start taking in a slow deep breath as if preparing himself for some great event. His eyes opened even wider than Karl though possible and he started to smile. Suddenly there was an enormous flash outside the house. The sky lit up with a mixture of white and turquoise colours, flickered several times and then leapt back into total darkness.

“What the?” whispered Karl.

“There, I knew, another one, fantastic, incredible, and stronger than before. It’s getting better, ye?” called Philip, who had now turned to face Karl.

He was still mesmerized and somewhat blinded by the sudden flash. Trying to regain his bearings he looked at Philip.

“What happened? What was that?” he asked.

“Isn’t it great? It’s beautiful.” Philip answered.


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Link to Part 4

There’s something amazing about the smell of coffee. Whether you like it or not, it will give you a memory to be recalled again and again. As it’s swirled through a metric jug before splashing into the awaiting simple white mug, many a man would have waited the taste and maybe the delivery more.

The coffee aroma was interrupted with a sudden blast of air as the door burst open and Sam entered the Cafe. She wasn’t alone, as usual.

“Come on guys, in we go, here is the best coffee and grub in the city, I guarantee, I know!!”

She shepherded in a few pimply suited kids and directed them to the tables they should encamp. Then she approached the counter.

“Ellie, give my clients the best of coffee, you know!”

“Sure Sam, as usual!”

“I have got the most amazing of contacts, one of these guys is directly connected to, what’s his name, I can’t remember, that guy who was running last year. This is a good one!”

“Glad to hear it!”

Sam glanced around the counter and then frowned.

“Oh no. That loser is back again? I thought you’d gotten rid of him, is he still hassling you?”

“It’s ok. He’s not that bad. He only comes in for coffee, and I’ve got to talk with him, he’s ok, and he likes that I take pictures!”

Sam shook her head and looked down at the counter, “He’s just saying that to you cause he knows you like that stuff. Aw come on honey, you’re better than all this. Coffee, creepy guys, you got good school, I got connections, look,  she said as she thumbed her guests over her right shoulder.

Ellie looked towards the table with the suited guys. She smiled and nodded a few times.

“There kinda cute!” she said.

“Hey I’ve got a whole collection of…….wait a second, what do you mean? You thing I’m just bringing these guys here ’cause they’re cute?”

Ellie waived both her hands in the air and smiled. “Thank you sister for bringing all these customers!!!!” she acclaimed.

“I’ve got work to do!,” moaned Sam, “and so have you, don’t waste your time on encouraging him,” she said as she pointed at the slightly built man at the end of the counter who had absorbed all the events. “He won’t get you anywhere, he’s like all the rest!”



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Link to Part 3

Sometimes a clock ticking can be very similar to drops falling from a leaking tap. When you get the two together and they’re out of sync, it simply makes the slow passing of time even more unbearable.

Katie heard the swimming pool muffled sounds of the lecturer as she fingered the small folded note and tried to hold herself back from running out of the hall. She recognized that any more attention might just make college life a little bit harder to bare.

As she was thinking through what she was going to ask and what might even happen, she felt a gentle tug on her sleeve.

“Katie? Are you okay?”

Katie pulled herself away from the plastic imitation wood table and looked at Suzy with a frown.

“Time to go. The lecture’s over,” said Suzy.

“What time is it?”

“Two thirty,” replied Suzy.

Katie nodded slowly. She seemed reluctant to stand up.

“Didn’t you say you had to be somewhere?”

Suddenly Katie leaped up.

“Crap yes, I have to go, thanks!” She grabbed her notebook and knapsack, ran down the steps and out the door.

“What did you do?” asked Carol.

“Nothing, she was miles away. Look, she had this,” said Suzy as she lifted the carefully folded note.


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